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Most nurses see their jobs as more of a calling than a career. They’ve centered their professional lives around caring for others. However, in today’s modern healthcare system, providing that care at the highest possible level requires more training and expertise than ever. 

Over the years, the standard for earning the best jobs in the nursing profession have changed. Where once many nurses stopped going to school after attaining an associate degree in nursing (ADN), most hospitals, physician offices and other medical operations prefer nurses to have at least a bachelor’s degree.

You have the heart and the talent. It might be time to take your RN skills to the next level and continue your education.

Whether that’s deepening your knowledge to help continue to improve patient outcomes, moving into management, sharing your voice at the leadership level of an organization, or moving into nursing education, Messiah has courses just for you.

With Messiah University’s RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program and RN to Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program specifically designed for Registered Nurses, you can take your experience and transition to the next phase of your career.

The program content for each degree is created by faculty with expertise in related specialties, relevant to practicing nurses, and aligns with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing Essentials

Can’t Beat Convenience

Our educators and program administrators work diligently to meet your need for convenience. To accomodate workload and varying schedules, Messiah’s RN to BSN and RN to MSN curricula are fully online, allowing you to complete coursework when it best fits your schedule.Our faculty members offer options for student engagement including optional synchronous sessions and virtual office hours. 

Messiah has a strong reputation for flexibility and rigorous academics, and uses best practices for online teaching and faculty preparation.

Multiple Options

As a student in Messiah’s online RN to BSN program, you can continue to strengthen your clinical knowledge and move into roles that require skill in leadership, evidence-based practice, and quality improvement. Messiah also offers a robust RN to MSN degree. Within Messiah University’s MSN program, you can pursue a degree  in  nursing education or nursing administration. 

Why pursue your BSN online?

Earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree can be valuable to your career in many ways, from day-to-day practice to advancement within your place of employment.

 1.     Value for Your Practice

“A body of research evidence reports that nurses prepared at a baccalaureate level deliver higher levels of care that equate to better patient outcomes,” said Kim Fenstermacher, assistant dean of nursing at Messiah University.

Patients have fewer complications, reduced medication errors, and decreased length of stay during hospitalization  when cared for by BSN prepared nurses. A BSN degree can enhance your ability to provide high quality, patient-centered care. 

2.     Value for Your Job Security 

“The most motivating factor for obtaining a BSN is the fact that many employers are requiring the BSN degree within a four-year window of hire,” Dr. Fenstermacher said. MAGNET healthcare systems, in particular, maintain a certain percentage of nurses with BSN degrees. 

With the continual push to obtain a higher percentage of nurses educated at the baccalaureate level, a BSN degree improves your overall employability and opportunity for continued career growth. Obtaining your BSN can help you meet employer requirements and inspire lifelong learning and growth in your nursing career.

By increasing your knowledge base, you can apply the education gained in Messiah’s BSN program to your own experience. Because hospital reimbursement is often related to patient outcomes, hospitals are motivated to hire BSN prepared nurses to work towards improving those outcomes. 

3.   Value for Your Future

A BSN degree can be a launching point into many different nursing roles.. You can maintain a focus on patients, while using your skills to help lead teams and achieve advanced speciality certification. As the U.S. population ages, the entire healthcare industry is expanding. The BLS projects the number of nursing jobs to increase 7 percent by 2029, with more than 221,900 nurses joining the profession. 

Graduates of Messiah’s nursing programs are highly regarded for their experience and dedication. Nurse managers and recruiters often seek out Messiah graduates for their skill and knowledge in evidence-based practice and leadership. 

An MSN Degree Online 

Consider advancing your career even further with roles in education or administration with Messiah’s online RN to MSN program. 

1.     Lead by Educating 

For nurses interested in teaching, you can pursue your Master of Science in Nursing Education to shift into faculty roles.

2.  Lead by Managing 

For RNs interested in nursing leadership, enrolling in our online RN to MSN nursing administration track can lead to roles such as nurse manager or chief nursing officer. MSN students will obtain knowledge in  healthcare economics, organizational effectiveness, and interprofessional collaboration. 

Clinical Hours 

Students in Messiah’s RN to BSN and RN to MSN programs can typically complete their clinical hours in their own communities. Messiah’s clinical placement coordinator is dedicated to placing nursing students in these experiences. . 

The BSN requires 90 hours of clinical, within  the population health and leadership courses.  

The MSN program requires clinical hours based on the track, in a variety of settings. 

Caring + Connection 

Faculty members teach nursing through a Christian lens and are dedicated to going the extra mile to help you achieve your educational goals. The faculty and staff partner with you  to take your  career to the next level, combining rigorous academics with the support you need to succeed. “The power of a BSN or MSN is that these degrees will open doors for you to help advance your career. It is a step toward opportunity,” Dr. Fenstermacher says. If you’ve been thinking of taking that next step in your career, you can learn more about Messiah’s online RN to BSN and RN to MSN programs here.

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