A Heartfelt “Thank you” During National Nurses Week


A Calling

You make the difference. 

Sometimes, you are the only person a patient can talk to and trust as they navigate challenging health concerns. 

Sometimes, you are the strength a family leans on as they care for their loved one by your side. 

Sometimes, you inspire the next generation of nurses to take their skills into the future, finding their place in the healthcare  community. 

Sometimes, you sit at the table and share your insights and experience with senior leaders to help guide decisions on patient care, teamwork, and best practices. 

As a registered nurse, you do all this, day in, and day out. You lend your expertise, your education, and your enduring spirit. You show up with your empathy, your nurturing, and your sixth sense. You skillfully maneuver through hands-on patient needs, communicating with families, collaborating with your team, and managing operations. You teach. You lead. You give.  

As nurses, you often see situations at their most dire. A family falling apart. A patient struggling. A  healthcare team working through new challenges and making hard decisions. 

You are a bulwark.

You stand in the gap. 

Through your fortitude, instincts, and skill, you change lives every day. 

You bring hope to those experiencing some of their worst days and celebrate the joys during the best days.  

Being a nurse is a calling. 

At Messiah, we are proud to educate and equip  RNs for career progression, leadership roles, and advanced nursing practice. We see your value and can help you bring your calling to life in the best way possible: to help those in your communities get through their worst time to attain their best time. 

You are a pillar of endurance. Of courage. Of caring.

And we are proud to stand with you.

Happy National Nurses Week. 

Signed: the Messiah University Nursing Faculty

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